10 reasons this elevated Lip Gloss will be your favorite

So you’re either a gloss fan or you steer clear of it. When She Knows Cosmetics was formulating their glosses they wanted more than 1 benefit. Glosses can be pretty but they also can get in the way of everything. That was not SKC end goal!


She Knows Cosmetics was founded by a makeup artist Ashley and owner and skin expert at Joules Medspa Grace. They put their minds together to create something beautiful and something that would help the health of your lips... not set them back.

With Ashley’s massive collection of glosses she went through hundreds. Yes hundreds. Looked at the ingredients, lots of wear tests and many of the glosses she had weren’t comfortable. And unfortunately the ones that were tolerable to wear were extremely drying.

Ashley hated that thick goopy gloss. I know some prefer that. The stringy-ness that happens when you rub your lips together and open your mouth... not cute OR comfy! Or if you find a pretty shimmer lip gloss and you rub your lips together it feels like you’ve been making out with sand... again, not cute or comfy. Or how about the gloss that signals “I am not kissable, this gloss will get all over you” buzz kill. And probably the most frustrating thing about your typical lip gloss is wearing it outside or with your windows down in your car. Hair must go up or be tied back immediately. We’ve all had those moments... your hair hits your lips, then swipes over your face so perfectly, you’re left with a strand of sticky gloss covering your face.

Most glosses can be frustrating and limiting.

So why is She Knows Cosmetics Collagen Glosses so different?

  1. Their main ingredient is collagen. This formula is smooth and over time will prevent and soften fine lines in our lips. Yes to that!
  2. HA aka Hyaluronic Acid is another key ingredient. 'HA (hyaluronic acid) is critical in maintaining skin hydration. Topically applied, it helps to hydrate the skin and maintain this hydration as a humectant.
  3. The shimmers in our glosses are pressed within our formula so you only see them, not feel them.
  4. We really love the ‘wet’ look the glosses provide, especially ‘Over Dose’ and ‘Annulment.’ They offer this sheer wet look that looks effortless.
  5. The formula is extremely light weight. So light weight they don’t transfer.
  6. The reflections in the shimmer are a nice surprise. There’s something special when you turn slightly into light or when the sun hits you at the right angle and you get a hit of that extra shine.
  7. The formula that absorbs into your lips is healing. Not drying. So keep applying. You’ll notice baby soft lips in no time.
  8. Don’t be scared of the color in the bottle. These are glosses. As they are pretty opaque and have a beautiful color pay off, you are getting a sample of that color on your lips for a flushed look. Example: Forgiveness List our “Barbie pink” gloss is the most popular colored gloss. And not because it’s bright pink. Because it gives you a flush of pink - a natural hue to the lips.
  9. They are buildable and layer well. Because our formula is light weight and thin in consistency, layering doesn’t create a goopy mess. They lay down well and you can make your lips bolder with each swipe.
  10. They shine makes your lips appear more pouty.


Indulge in the glow! Enjoy pure luxury of of formula each time you apply our glosses.