Tox | Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau

Hush Aesthetics offers 3 Neuromodulators 

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Jeuveau

New clients receive a first time introductory rate

Baby Tox | Best for natural movement while softening lines 
Tox treatment | The common 3 areas. Between the brows (11s) Crows feet (around the eyes) and forehead.
Lower face Tox | Can do one or all areas
  • Masseter | Reduces clenching, grinding + tension headaches
  • Jawline slimming | Slimming and lifting
  • Platysmal bands | AKA neck bands, are two vertical muscle strips that run down the sides of the neck. 
  • Chin dimples | Smooths and reduces texture
  • Lip flip | Adds a subtle lift 
  • Gummy smile | Drops lips where gums are not seen
Full Face Tox Includes all areas | Small doses everywhere to give a uniform appearance that offers smooth and texture free skin.
Tox can also help with acne, sweating, pore size and more.
A party of 5 or guests get special rates. The host enjoys additional savings. For parties of 5 or more, please call or text. 
Book your Tox treatment for a free consultation on one or more areas! 
All Tox treatments includes a free touch up, if needed within 3 weeks of your visit when you receive the recommended dose.